black box

black box
black box ˌblack ˈbox noun [countable] informal
1. an electronic unit that records information on an aircraft about its height, speed etc. If the plane crashes, the black box can be examined to find the causes:

• Data from the black box recovered from the destroyed helicopter has been played back satisfactorily.

2. a machine that works in a secret way that is not normally explained to people:

• We found out what formulas were inside the black boxes that firms used to determine when to set off computer-driven program trades.

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black box UK US noun [C]
[usually singular] a system or process that uses information to produce a particular set of results, but that works in a way that is secret or difficult to understand: »

The main problem with many international capital flows is that they are non-transparent - they come from, and reside within, a 'black box'.

a piece of electronic equipment used to record and store information: »

Installation of a black box allows all emails sent and received to be monitored.

a piece of equipment on an aircraft that records the plane's movements and positions during a flight, and which can give important information if the plane has an accident: »

The black box often holds critical clues for investigators looking for the cause of fatal plane crashes.

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